Perth is my favourite city in the entire world. Ok, so it may also be my hometown meaning I am a little bit biased, but check it out, and I think you will fall in love with it too. From our crystal clear beachs and white sand, to our cute little cafes and small bars, Perth is a serious contender for the most relaxed and fun city in Aus. Unfortunately, unless you are working in Australia or somewhere that has equal salaries, you will find Perth quite expensive. Here’s a few tips on how to get the most out of Perth for the least amount of dollarydoos (offical currency of Australia).


I would recommend getting a hostel in either the city centre, or Fremantle. This will ensure you are close to the train/ bus stations, and it will be easy for you to get about!

Stay in the city if you prefer to go out on the town at night, as it’ll be a quick walk home if you are keen to get a little rowdy in the bars and clubs.


Annalakshmi in Elizabeth Quay is a great option for those looking for a big meal for a little cost. These guys specialise in delicious Indian cuisine. What sets this place apart though is it’s ‘pay what you feel’ payment system. So, head here and have your fill and decide how much it was worth to you! Don’t skimp these guys though, the restaurant is run by volunteers so make sure to pay what you feel is appropriate for the meal so we can keep this awesome restaurant alive!

One of my favourite areas to eat for budget meals is in Perth’s China Town, which is located in Northbridge. There are plenty of restaurants here to choose from, including Uncle Billies and Utopia. Utopia is always a good option as it offers amazing vego food (mock meat style) which all my meat eating friends love. It also has free BYO and karaoke rooms upstairs. For about $15-$20 each you can get heaps of food for the table.

Taka and Tan Po Po are also good budget options for travelers wanting to save a bit of moola. They serve Japanese cuisine at super low prices and have free BYO. You will only spend less that $10 for a meal here. My friends often have dinner parties at these restaurants before heading out into the city so we can have a few drinks over dinner without the costs. I love Tan Po Po’s tempura so much I usually go here for my birthday each year!

If you are looking for a bit of a more luxury or romantic style dining option, have a walk around the city center, there are plenty of amazing restaurants here to choose from. Head over to Zomato which is an Australian restaurant review site to find the restaurants that have what you are looking for. Usually a meal in Australia at a restaurant will cost you at least $20.



Small Bars

Mechanics Institute was voted Australia’s best small bar in 2015, so you know this place is good. You access it through a laneway, sit up on the roof terrace and can order a burger from the ‘flipside’ burger bar beneath it to accompany your drink.

The Court: The best gay club to have a dance and meet some people. Also often hosts drag shows.

Sneaky Tonys- Get the password from their fb page to get entry into this prohibition style rum bar.

Bills Bar and Bites- In Leederville, this bar is a great place to meet up with mates. Try their espresso martinis.

Lot 20- A fun little bar to meet other people and chill out.

Frisk Small Bar- This place is tiny, but makes up for size in awesomeness. And Gin. A lot of gin.

The Aviary Rooftop Bar- Elegant and sophisticated, this place offers rooftop views and drinks. What more do you want?

Helveticas- This darling little rum bar down an alley way is dimly lit, and always fun. On tuesday there is a free spread of food.

Stables- Stables is large and knows how to party. It is always bustling with sophisticated fun.


THE BEACH. I honestly believe Perth has the best beaches in the world. I love them. So bring ya beach towel and your thongs and go see for yourself. The favourite beaches include Scarborough (and Brighton, which is right next to scabs), City Beach, and Cottesloe. Some things to remember are that the Australian sun is bloody strong. Since we are effected by the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica, getting a bad sun burn doesn’t just mean an awkward red tan, it could mean skin cancer if you are repeatedly burnt. Both my parents who grew up in Perth and were unaware of the dangers have had small area of skin that could turn into cancer of the skin removed, so don’t risk it! Buy a shit ton of sun screen, 50+ is the best. Don’t worry, you will still get that brown glow, but without the ouchy red bit. Honestly, it is not worth it and will ruin your time if you have to deal with a terrible burn when you are trying to have fun. Always cover up when you are in the sun with a hat and shirt and good pair of sunnies.

A dinner picnic is one of the best ways to enjoy the Australian weather in my opinion. My friends, family and I regularly pack up our dinner, grab a bottle of wine, and head to one of our favourite picnic spots. City Beach is a great option since it has plenty of room on the grassed area just by the sand to watch the sun set over the water. The beach is also well lit so it is fine to walk around at night. Another great spot is Kings Park or south of the river, to get incredible views of the city skyline.

Kings Park is the largest city park in the entire world (suck on that NY’s Central Park!!). There are multiple entrances and areas with different views. My favourite area is easy to get to from the city centre and features incredible views of the city. It’s a great place to pack a picnic or some wine and chill out.

The coast line from Trigg Beach to Hillarys is a great place to walk or drive along. Clear blue water as far as the eye can see!! There are some great little cafe’s along here aswell including Yelo which is always popular with the surfer crowd. Hillarys Boat Harbour is also a nice place to spend an afternoon walking around the shops and cafes.

The Fringe Festival is my favourite time of year in Perth. From the end of January until the start of March Perth hosts the Festival, in which acts come from around the world to perform at venues big and small across the city. It includes many open air bars with a lot of free performances and fun activities to do. Oh there is also live mermaids in a tank. Yep. It’s great.