Semuc Champey, Guatemala



13389220_10208224778249015_1976725495_oThe best place to stay is in Lanquin, a small town about a half hour away from the Semuc Champey natural pools. I would recommend staying at Zephyr Lodge, well known for being the best hostel in the area! While there are things that I don’t like about this place, it has some serious charm! The pool has incredible 360 degree views and there’s always an awesome atmosphere. The toilets and showers have beautiful natural views facing out into the open, which really brings you back down to nature. Don’t worry you’ll still have your creature comforts though, from the extensive bar and restaurant to the swim up pool bar. The one thing I didn’t like was that you couldn’t bring any outside alcohol or food in to the hostel. While this was annoying, the prices there are not ridiculous and they have a delicious and large menu (lots of vego options too). Drinking games and pool parties are quite common here, and the selling point for me was their gorgeous dogs that you can cuddle whenever you have the chance!


As previously mentioned the Zephyr Lodge does not let you take in any other food or alcohol. (I know, it sucks hey). So weigh that up in your decision whether or not to stay here.

On the actual tours of Semuc Champey you can purchase food/drinks (including beer to drink while you tube down the river! )


Semuc Champey Natural Pools (duh): The easiest way to get to these natural pools is to book a tour. Tours vary in price depending on the package. I would recommend the tour which includes the caving. It was an incredible experience you should not miss! First they show you a huge rope swing (if you have the guts to do it), and then you are given fire torches to hold as you swim through a cave. The trick is not to bob too far under or your torch will go out! The cave is not for the claustrophobic, but push your boundaries and do it. It is awesome and you should not miss it! I was a little nervous before going in and absolutely loved every minute. The caving involves climbing up a rock wall while a waterfall cascades down you, and sliding down a rock hole into a new area of the cave. Make sure to wear closed in shoes otherwise you may hurt your feet. You can then do a little tubing down the river.

13410467_10208224810289816_1353423349_oAfter this it’s a trek up to the top of a hill to get a beautiful glimpse of the Semuc Champey natural pools. The views from the top were stunning, but it was a big trek to get there. It makes getting down to the actual pools and jumping in the water is incredibly rewarding. Then you spend an hour or so paddling about in the crystal clear water. There are a few places where you can slide down into the next pool, and where you can dive under rocks to find little hidden areas. It truly is a beautiful place to explore.