A beautiful city made up of style cobblestone streets, hole in the wall wine bars and stunning architecture. Antigua will fool you into thinking you are not in Central America with it’s European touches. Oh and there’s some huge ass volcanoes.

13389377_10208223324452671_737216121_oTikal Ruins, Flores:

Flores is the best town to stay at while visiting the Tikal Ruins. Explore the lake and this charming little town and fall in love with the food and smells. Take a day to experience the ancient Mayan culture by strolling around ancient structures, we’ll beat you to the top!

13383782_10208224725807704_1416835828_oSemuc Champey

The picturesque natural pools on Semuc Champey will make you feel like you’re in a magical paradise. Explore caves, jump off bridges and bask in the sun. The closest town Lanquin also offers a lot of fun, including party hostels with 360 degree views of the surrounding jungle.